With the Maharashtra floods in mind, Decipher is dedicated to its CSR efforts

Maharashtra is now experiencing a double disaster, flood amid the ongoing pandemic. According to preliminary estimates, a total of 2 lakh hectares of standing crop have suffered damage following a series of heavy rains and flooding during the last few days in the state. 

Rescue operations in coastal areas have been assisted by the Indian defence and disaster authorities to manage the flood. 

In these difficult circumstances, the Pune-based emerging start-up “Decipher” is rapidly marking its presence in the technology map of Maharashtra. Apart from business, the company envisions making technology accessible to our remotest community. Despite the tough time, the company has focused on its customer relationship management (CRM) and is growing positively.

Recognizing the present need, the company has extended the CSR concept to the state level. The start-up has created a dynamic and young team of 20+ professionals who have contributed prolifically to the devastating flood situation of Maharashtra. While managing their works, the team has crowdsourced over 500+ grocery kits for flood and landslide-affected villages. Despite being a start-up company, the company has remained dedicated towards society and has been praised for the same.

Decipher is also working on getting sanitization, rehabilitation, restoration of community premice, medical health camps, and infant nutrition programs in different flood-affected villages of Maharashtra. 

In his recent statement, Purushottam Bhaigade (Cofounder of Decipher)

has said, “Apart from commercialization, we envision to make technology accessible to our remotest community. We are looking ahead to partner with Salesforce to leverage many NGO and non-profits who are working selflessly for our community”.

Founder and co-founders of the company, Aishwarya Patil and Purushottam Bhaigade, have played a key role in pushing the company to be on the map of technological advancement.

The Head Strategy and PR of Decipher, Palash Hase, has stated, “Giving back to the society has been one of the prime values at Decipher. We make it a point to at least drive one CSR activity every month under our #Decipherforgoodinitiative”.

As an example, Decipher has shown many multinational corporations as well as start-ups that social responsibility is an essential factor that every organization must consider. A company needs to adopt policies that promote the welfare of society and the environment while lessening negative impacts on them. The social responsibilities include-

  • Environmental Responsibility- refers to reducing environmental adverse behaviors in an enterprise and participating in environmentally beneficial activities.
  • Ethical Responsibility- includes the behavior of the firm that is expected by the society but not codified in law. A business should always be aware of its activity and how it is going to affect the environment.
  • Philanthropic Responsibility- involves donating funds, goods, or services to another organization or cause.
  • Economic Responsibility- when a business earns a profit, it also means that the employees share the profit in terms of incentives.

Decipher follows and obeys all the social responsibilities and policies which can be seen in their work. It clearly shows that if all of us join hands, even with small donations, we can make a real and meaningful difference in helping restore normalcy to those who need our help the most.

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