Deciphercloud is an outsourcing partner for Salesforce implementation with a legacy of building great trust in Salesforce AEs and customers by providing quality services.
We seek to scale up your business through our extensive expertise in the industry, grasp over multiple technologies and emphasis on creating solutions with your needs in mind.

our Services

We help our clients enhance the richness of their business with our unique delivery model, expertise in the domain and solutions accelerators. We help businesses upscale and much-needed upgrades in the digital age.
Team Decipher possesses proficiency in creative approach which places the end user at the epicentre of the digital design journey. We seek to create delightful user experiences and design and enhance customer journey transformation. Our salesforce-managed services on the other hand include decreasing costs and mitigating risks through enterprise CRM applications.
We guide enterprises in their journey of data transformation, help them comprehend big data and gain a strategic advantage. We achieve this by creating effective roadmap and data management solutions for your analytics and data science capability.
Team Decipher helps in business transformation through applications, data & infrastructure as well as innovative consulting. We offer strategic guidance, assurance and governance across architectural domains including Enterprise, Business, Solutions, Security and Cloud Infrastructure.
Technical debt in any organisation results in more bugs, downtime, performance issues, and slow delivery. The key to optimising the assets and resources of any organisation is to fix the right technical debt at the right time. Deciphercloud addresses technical debt with consistency, empowering enterprises to implement solutions to streamline processes and minimise risks.
When it comes to generating higher ROIs, it’s essential to analyse and assess the organisation’s financials and security budget. Deciphercloud uses the Salesforce platform to automate sales, review program, incident, threat, and expenditure data as well as marketing processes and provide solutions accordingly, leading to expanded revenue streams and growth.
Centre of Excellence is an entity intended for equipping the company with expertise in specific fields. We provide technical support to set up the Centre of Excellence to remove deficiencies an organisation might be facing and offer a way forward. Decipher strives to create a connected workforce for our clients through our technical prowess.
Decipher Team uses our end-to-end software lifecycle development to deliver seamless solutions to craft and implement a strategy that optimises your sales, marketing and customer service efforts. We use techniques such as Predictive Analytics to improve the top-line revenue of enterprises.

Our success story

Improved speed-to-market by 25%
Reduced IT maintenance & operations costs by 32%
Increased employee engagement by
Customer satisfaction

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What our client says

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